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About Small Business Pages

Small Business Pages exists to promote small business in the USA. The new face of the "mom and pop shop" is the brave entrepreneur with a something new that they want to bring to the public. Your dollars spent are going to support families rather than buy speedboats when you are purchasing from a small business. When a small business spends the money to have a well designed website, then we want to praise them for it. Thus - SmallBusinessPages.Org.

If you are a franchise, owned by a corporate entity, have more than 250 employees, or describe yourself as a medium or large sized business then this is not the place for you. If you do fit within the definition of a small business then sign up and join us in helping consumers find a compatible small business to patronize.

We exist as a directory to Small Business (web) Pages across the country. We also are excited to award certain websites that the judges decide are "the best of their class". These websites will receive an icon to be used, receive a highlighted listing on our website, a mention on the awards listings of our website, and the top awards will receive a gift card.

So join us in promoting small business websites across the net and lets bring attention to those working hard to make an impact in their communities!